ShoeBox Reptiles
This page is dedicated to taking a more detailed look at some of our favorite reptiles.  It will be updated periodically.

Orange Dream Enchi Fire

Here is our Orange Dream Enchi Fire male and we have a number of females lined up for him including vanilla and enchi combination females.  We are excited to see what he produces!

Smooth Knob-tailed Gecko (Nephrurus levis levis)

A medium sized Nephrurus that can be long lived and highly prolific, if well-cared for.  Our breeders are selectively held back for good body structure, large fan-shaped tails, and high red coloration.  They prefer a moist hide-spot with a temperature gradient of 70-88ºF.  They are fed crickets or dubia every other day.  Females typically lay 3-5 clutches of eggs a year after a winter cooling. Below is a sampling of some of our breeders.  They are our favorite of the genus!