ShoeBox Reptiles
We maintain an exclusive group of high quality geckos.  Our breeders have been selected for their health, coloration, and good body structure.  We are proud to offer excellent examples of each species to other hobbyists.  Please visit our Photo Gallery to view some of our collection.


Nephrurus amyae

The largest of the group.  Our breeders are bright orange or light pastel orange.  

Nephrurus deleani

A robust gecko that ranges in color from pink to orange. Their pattern varies from blotched to striped

Nephrurus laevissimus

A small and colorful species, this knobtail remains very popular and are highly desirable.

Nephrurus levis levis

Our favorite of the genus.   Our breeders are high red with great body and tail structure.

Nephrurus levis occidentalis

The most heavily spotted of the levis complex, our breeders are yellow to orange in coloration.

Nephrurus stellatus

Our starred knob-tails are mostly high yellow specimens.  A beautiful species that prefers slightly cooler temps.

Nephrurus levis pilbarensis

Our colony only consists of high pink animals, unlike many of the reddish animals that have recently been popping up.

Nephrurus wheeleri cinctus

A prolific and hardy species of rough knob-tailed gecko. Pattern can range from thick banded to missing or broken.


Rhacodactylus chahoua

Our favorite of the genus.  We only work with the Pine Island locale and most of our breeders are high white.

Rhacodactylus leachianus

The largest living gecko.  We work with both the mainland and island locales of this impressive Rhacodactylus.

Rhacodactylus t. trachyrhynchus

One of the largest live-bearing geckos.  Can change colors from olive green to neon yellow.

Rhacodactylus t. trachycephalus

Another live-bearing gecko, this species is slightly more slender and darker than it's cousin.